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Jura Brew Group Repair Service

This repair service is specifically for the Brew Group. The customer must remove the Brew Group and ship only the Brew Group to the address listed below. Your Brew Group will be refurbished within 1-3 business days after it arrives at our facility. The customer is responsible for properly reinstalling the Brew Group. Please read the following link prior to ordering this service: Understanding error codes Upon ordering this service, it is inferred that you have read and understood the error code page.

ATTENTION: DO NOT SHIP YOUR ENTIRE MACHINE. If you do not read this disclaimer and ship your entire machine, you will be charged our flat labor rate specific to your model and must pay before your machine is returned.

$139.99 + Shipping to our facility

Please ship to the following address:

Repair Dept.
10 Malin Rd
Malvern, PA 19355

Our Brew Group Refurbishing Service Includes:

  • Entire Brew Group Sanitized and Cleaned
  • Replacement of Piston Gaskets
  • Replacement of Drain Valve Seals
  • Replacement of Riser Tube O-Ring(s)
  • Replacement of Spout Connector O-Ring(s)
  • Filter Screen Removed and Cleaned
  • Lubrication of all O-Rings and Moving Parts
  • 2-Day Return Shipping

Any additional parts needed for proper functioning of the Brew Group are NOT included:

  • Brew Group Guide (Drive Shaft)
  • Brew Group Coffee Scraper Blade
  • PTFE Pressure Hoses
  • Drain Valve Connectors
  • Coffee Spout Connectors
  • Lower Piston
  • ANY Broken or Missing Parts required for proper functioning

We will notify the customer of any additional costs before proceeding with the repair.

Please contact with any questions.
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