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Jura Repair Center

Is your Jura coffee machine sounding sluggish? Are the coffee grounds watery; or is the grinder not dosing as much coffee as it once did? Receiving an error message? Although we strongly encourage DIY repairs, an experienced technician may be required to complete the repair, based upon the severity of the malfunction. Furthermore, the evident malfunction (i.e. a leaking component) is not always the root of the problem, but is merely the weakness point where the problem is exposed. This can cause the customer to misdiagnose the malfunction, which in turn, leads to the unnecessary purchase of parts and a very frustrating experience. As a general guideline, if you have owned your Jura coffee machine for 5+ years without it being serviced, we recommend a full refurbishment.

Save your sanity! Allow one of our expert technicians to repair your Jura coffee machine, or brew group, to get the caffeine flowing through your body again, quickly. We are the leading innovators in the industry, striving to make the repair process less burdensome and frequent, while maintaining our commitment to the highest standard of excellence and quality in repairing Jura coffee machines.