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Jura Error Codes

How to Fix Jura Malfunctions

This section provides you with detailed explanations of Jura error messages and is accompanied by replacement part suggestions, based upon the error code your Jura coffee machine is displaying. The error messages do not refer to a specific part that is faulty, but rather identifies the process that could not be completed. This requires examining multiple parts involved in the process before determining the exact cause for the malfunction. For example, an error 8 occurs because the coffee machine failed to complete the brew cycle command sent from the PCB, which indicates the brew group was unable to initialize to compact the ground coffee in the chamber, or return to the home position after brewing. This does not guarantee the brew group is to blame, but it provides a starting point to deduce "why the brew group failed to complete the brew cycle." The gear motor and encoder are intricate parts of the brew cycle, responsible for initializing the brew group, so these parts should be inspected/tested while diagnosing the cause of the malfunction. We strongly recommend you open your machine before ordering. Just because a part is listed under an error code category does not ensure it will fix the error code.