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Jura Parts Glossary

Term: Definition:
Accessories Any additions to the coffee machine - Milk containers, coffee scoops, Bluetooth devices, etc.
Brew Group The main internal brewing mechanism. It is the component that can be heard moving up and down during operation.
Coffee Grounds Container The rectangular bin that catches used coffee after the brew process is complete.
Coffee Container Tray Part that holds the grounds container and slides into the front of the coffee machine above the drip tray.
Drip Tray Catches excess water and coffee during operation. Many models contain metal contacts to alert the power board the drip tray is inserted.
Drip Tray Grid Stainless steel or chrome grate that sits atop the drip tray. It has openings to allow excess water and coffee to flow to the drip tray.
External Housing This refers to service door covers, top covers, side panels, face plates, etc.
Fuses This term refers to the over-temp protection fuses on the boiler, pump and various other locations. They are responsible for powering off the machine if it overheats.
Gear Motors This refers to the electronic mechanism that makes contact with the brew group drive shaft and moves the brew group during the brew cycle. If you are hearing a grinding noise during operation, the gear on the motor may have broken.
Hose Connectors This refers to any part that secures a pressure hose, secures to another part or secures a silicone tube. The connectors may be metal, plastic or ceramic depending on model. The colors of some of these parts have changed over time.
Hardware This includes all screws, fasteners, tools, etc.
Lids This refers to any water tank lid, pre-ground coffee lid or bean lid. This category is broken down into subcategories.
Membrane Regulator This part is attached to the water pump. It is responsible for maintaining proper water pressure. The pump will become increasingly loud or you will receive a system fill message if this part malfunctions.
Milk Frothers & Parts Manual and automatic frothers, as well as, the proper frother connectors to attach the frother to the steam/water pipe. Venting tips, frother housings and milk tubes can also be found in this category.
O-Rings & Gaskets EPDM (Black or Blue) and Silicone (Red) circular seals found throughout the entire coffee machine. They are responsible for creating the air tight seal necessary to maintain the proper pressure to brew coffee. Found on pressure hoses, brew group, etc.
Pressure Hoses This part is responsible for directing water or coffee to the next mechanism inside the coffee machine. Most contain metal grommets and brass fittings to secure the hose in a connector.
Repair Kits We have tailored a multitude of kits to correct specific malfunctions, such as an error 8.
Silicone Hose This category contains internal silicone tubing (NOT milk tubing) found in the water circuit. The reinforced tubing is secured with a 2-piece clamp connection to a hose connector or heating element.
Sensor This refers to any part that takes a reading and relays the data to the power board. You will find water level sensors, temp. sensors on the boiler, flowmeters, encoders, etc.
Switches Refers to power switches and micro-switches. The two most prevalent micro-switches are D41x and D45. They alert the coffee machine lids and trays are properly inserted. Also, initiates steam in some models.
Valves Any part that distributes fluid to various locations. Examples are ceramic valves, steam valves and outlet valves.
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