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Jura Replacement Parts

How To Order:

  1. Type name of the part, MPN, or item number of the part in the search bar located in the top left corner. Our search bar will generate suggested product results as you type.
  2. Search for replacement parts by specific model. The model consists of the letter/number combination found on the front of the coffee dispensing spout. To refine your search, use the model number, which is a five-digit number located on the barcode. The barcode can be found on the bottom of the machine. Each page contains documents and information specific to the model to assist in diagnosing the fault and recommending the correct replacement part for the fix.
  3. Search our replacement parts catalog if you would like to browse a specific category of parts, such as "Milk Tubes" or "Repair Kits." We consistently add new kits to accommodate customer needs, many of which are universal, so it is a useful search mechanism to view our entire selection of Jura replacement parts.
  4. If you are in need of a part that is not listed on our site, please submit your part request to our sales department by filling out the form below.