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"It's not our intention to satisfy our customers, or to please our customers: Our intention is to amaze them."

Jura-Parts.com Co. was created to fill a void in the coffee machine parts and repair industry by providing Jura coffee machine owners with the largest selection of OEM replacement parts globally, accompanied by industry leading content to assist DIY customers with repairs, as well as, to restore integrity, honesty and quality to the coffee machine repair industry.

It is our mission to provide our customers with the necessary tools and pertinent information to perform repairs with confidence. In our current service-based economy, it is invigorating to encourage consumers to remedy their issues and fulfilling to provide them with the information and parts needed to succeed. We understand repairing an espresso machine may seem like a daunting task, so to alleviate some of the angst we provide our customers with Jura part diagrams, Jura operating manuals, Jura error code explanations, Jura repair videos. We work tirelessly to provide new information in an effort to ensure our customer's repair experience is pleasant.

The incredible progress we have made is evident by the significant backlash from the coffee industry establishment in the forms of slander, fake reviews, threats, false claims, inciting anger amongst our customers, direct attempts to disrupt our business and more. Since its inception, Jura, Inc, through Capresso, has worked to monopolize the repair industry by withholding common parts and information needed for repairs from the consumer, deeming older machines "unrepairable" in an effort to sell new Jura coffee machines and subsequently, refurbishing those well-working Jura coffee machines to sell for a profit. Our philosophy of adding value to the marketplace through information, as opposed to sacrificing quality and consumer transparency to maximize profits, is dangerous to an industry dominated by archaic thought, so the response was anticipated and welcomed. We are motivated now, more than ever, to revolutionize the coffee industry through the use of technology (I) to ensure the free flow of knowledge and access to information, (II) to provide consumers all products at a competitive price and (III) to create a reliable marketplace for accurate, independent insight for the buyer, while allowing the seller to reap his/her profits without being treated as the profit.

We are not affiliated with Jura, Inc. or Capresso. INDEPENDENT STRONG.


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