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Designed and developed in Switzerland, Jura Impressa is the best coffee machine in the industry. The exquisite design, precise craftsmanship and durability far exceeds its closest competitor. Even more impressive is Jura’s accomplishment of designing a “user friendly” coffee machine without sacrificing quality. Cappuccino, Latte or Americana can all be made with the touch of a button. The conical grinder provides a precise and uniform grind, while the high-pressure brewing system extracts the maximum amount of flavor from the espresso beans, releasing an intense aroma that previously only existed inside coffee shops.

Jura Impressa E8 Chrome

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Jura Capresso-Impressa Repair Services

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Milk Tubes

Many milk tubes and connectors are used for a multitude of models and accessories. The length of the milk tube is about preference. Many customers who own a stainless steel thermal milk container or Cool Control tend to prefer the 120mm milk tubes because the milk is extracted from a shorter distance. The 360mm milk tube will work efficiently for these accessories; however, the shorter the extraction distance, the more uniform the pressure is. Generally, the 360mm milk tubes are for customers who insert the milk tube directly into a carton, bottle or glass to extract the milk.

Jura A5-A9-C60-ENA 9-F7-F8 Milk Tube Kit

Jura A5-A9-C60-ENA9-F7-F8 Milk Tube Kit

Price: $39.99

Jura Milk Tube and Hose Connector-360mm

Jura Milk Tube and Hose Connector

Price: $11.99

Jura GIGA Milk Tube and Hose Connector

Jura GIGA Milk Tube and Hose Connector

Price: $11.99

Repair Kits

Is your Jura coffee machine leaking? Seeing an error 8 message? We supply repair kits to any malfunction. We stock Brew Group Repair Kits, Water Circuit repair Kits, Pressure Hose Maintenance Kits, Cleaning Product Kits -- or customize your O-Ring Kit.

Jura Repair Kits

Jura ENA-F7-F8-J-Z-GIGA Brew Group Repair Kit

Jura ENA-GIGA-J-Z Brew Group Repair Kit

Price: $39.99

Jura C-E-F-S-X Brew Group Repair Kit

Jura C-E-F-S-X Brew Group Repair Kit

Price: $34.99

Jura Capresso-Impressa 30-Piece Repair Kit

Jura General Repair Kit-30 Pieces

Price: $59.99

Jura Milk Frothers

Milk Frothers & Parts

Is your Jura coffee machine not frothing milk? Or has the quality of the foam decreased over time? You may need to replace one or more parts on your frother to regain the fine foam you are used to.The Venting Tip (Air Suction) is a common cause for the lack of fine foam and should be replaced regularly. Often times, frother nozzles, frother connectors and frother O-Rings become clogged and deteriorate over time due to calcium deposits. The milk system needs rinsing after each use and milk tubes should be replaced regularly.

  • Automatic Frother: Automatic frothers attach to the steam pipe of the coffee machine, via a black , screw-on, frother nozzle. When the steam function is initiated, the milk is automatically drawn from the milk container via a milk tube. Then, the milk is steamed or frothed. If you do not have a one touch model, you will need to order the adapter (item code: 10053)
  • Manual Frother: A manual frother requires the user to froth/steam the milk separately, before or after the brew cycle. To create fine foam for Cappuccinos, move the adjustable cylinder upward, place the nozzle in your milk container and turn on the steam. To steam milk for Lattes, move the adjustable cylinder downward while the nozzle is submerged in the milk.

Jura J9-XJ9-Z7-Z9 Milk Frother

Jura J9-XJ9-Z7-Z9 Dial Component

Price: $99.99

Jura Bullet Tip Frother | Dual Frother Plus

Jura Bullet Tip Frother-2 Stage

Price: $39.99

Jura Venting Tip

Jura Venting Tip-Air Suction

Price: $14.99

Jura Coffee Machine Marketplace

Don't be deceived by misleading product descriptions on EBay and Amazon. Approximately, 90% of the machines we receive purchased from the two aforementioned marketplaces were defective when purchased. The machines listed on those platforms are not inspected by professionals before sold and come with a very limited warranty, if any warranty.


Interested in an economical way to upgrade your coffee machine for your home or office? Purchase a fully refurbished Jura coffee machine with a year warranty. When you buy a machine from us, you purchase a guarantee. Our Senior technician performs a 20-point inspection on every machine before releasing the machine for re-sale.


Interested in selling your Jura coffee machine? Our marketplace provides customers the most reliable, efficient and worry free option to sell. Complete and submit the appraisal form below. Once submitted, a representative will contact you via email within 2-3 business days with a quote. A Senior technician reviews the information you provide to determine the Fair Market Value of the coffee machine.