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Jura A1-A5-A7-A9-ENA Micro Temperature Sensor
Jura A1-A5-A7-A9-ENA Micro Thermoblock Temperature Sensor

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Jura A1-A5-A7-A9-ENA Micro Thermoblock Temperature Sensor

The A-ENA Micro Temperature Sensor is secured to the Thermoblock with a T25 Torx screw. The other end connects to the power board. It measures the temperature of the thermoblock and trasmits the reading to the board. When the required temperature is reached for the selected function, the board allows the coffee machine to proceed to the next step. If a faulty reading is given, an Error Code will be displayed, or a series of flashing lights will result.

Model Line: Model: Model Number:
Jura Impressa A-Line: A1 - A5 - A7 - A9 15148 - 13781 - 15125 - 15151
Jura Capresso ENA Line: ENA Micro 1 - ENA Micro 5 - ENA Micro 8 - ENA Micro 9 - ENA Micro 90 13626 - 15029 - 13625 - 15116