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Jura J5-J6-J7-J9-XJ5-XJ9 Y-Shaped Outlet Valve
Jura J5-J6-J7-J9-XJ5-XJ9 Y-Shaped Outlet Valve
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Jura Capresso-Impressa J5-J6-J7-J9-XJ5-XJ9 'Y' Outlet Valve

The Y-shaped outlet valve is located above the heat exchanger. It is secured to the fluid nipple, which connects to the brew group drain valve, via a thermoblock hairpin clip. One reinforced silicone tube connects to the thermoblock and the other to the ceramic valve.


  • (1) O-Ring

  • (1) Hairpin Clip

Replacement Part for Jura Coffee Machine Models:

Jura Coffee Machine Line: Model:
Jura Capresso-Impressa J-Line:J5 - J6 - J7 - J9 - J9.2 - J9.3 - J9.4 - J80 - J85 - J90 - J95 - XJ5 - XJ9

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Our Price: $14.99

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