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Jura E-J-WE-X-Z Brew Group Repair Kit
Jura E-J-WE-X-Z Brew Group Repair Kit | Error 8 Fix
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Jura E-J-WE-X-Z Brew Group Repair Kit

This Jura Brew Group Repair Kit contains all of the necessary O-Rings to refurbish the Brew Group of the models listed below. Viewing from left to right, the 2 larger red O-Rings are for the Brew Group Pistons. The black O-Ring is for the Riser Tube. The 2 blue O-Rings are for Pressure Hose connections. Some models may not need both hose connector O-Rings. The 2 red Nut Seals are located in the Drain Valve of the Brew Group. The red O-Ring is located on the outside of the Brew Group, which is called the Vacuum Nozzle. The last 4 O-Rings are all located in the Drain Valve, As well. The largest goes on the Extension Arm of the Drain Valve. The next 2 black O-Rings seal the connection of the Extension Arm and Fluid Nipple. The last black O-Ring is located on the Fluid Nipple. We recommend adding the Metal Cap for the pusher rod. It is a NON-OEM part that replaces the white plastic cap. It is a permanent fix for the malfunctions caused by a broken plastic cap.

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Model Line: Model: Model Number:
Jura E-Line: E6 PEP - E8 PEP 15070 - 15450 - 15097 - 15109 - 15271 - 15270 - 15341
Jura J-Line: J6 TFT 15150
Jura WE-Line: WE6 - WE8 15343 - 15145
Jura X-Line: X6 - X8 - X10 15177
Jura Z-Line: Z6 PEP - Z8 PEP 15093 - 15182 - 15192

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