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How to Change Jura C9 Water Filter
Last Updated: 06/13/2018

How to Change Jura C9 Water Filter

  • The C9 coffee machine will display "READY/FILTER" in conjunction with the maintenance button illuminated after initial startup.
  • Remove the water tank and empty any remaining water in the tank. Open the filter holder bracket by releasing the clasp from the water tank and remove the old Claris-Clearyl water filter.
  • Insert the new Clearyl-Claris water filter and close the filter holder bracket. It should fit snug against the water filter, as it is important to create a tight seal to maintain pressure, otherwise, you may receive a "SYSTEM FILL" message if the filter is not secured properly. Also, make sure the water inlet valve (Circular connection where the water tank rests) is free of debris and mineral deposits).
  • Fill the water tank with cool water and reinsert it into the water inlet valve. Place a container underneath the hot water spout. Then, press the Maintenance button.
  • The "FILTER RINSING" will display on the screen and water will flow through the steam pipe. You can manually stop the rinsing once the water is no longer discolored.

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